Happy New Year!!! I’m sure 2016 had a lot of ups and downs but I hope it was good overall. 2017 is upon us and we have all those resolutions rolling out and set goals all listed up (adulting is not easy).  I pray that 2017 bring good fortune to each and everyone of us and fills our heart with love and peace. I pray that the grace of God rests on everyone. Happy New Year!!!


To kick start this year with all the running around and getting things set in motion, I decided to create a fresh face makeup look that will serve faces in meetings and those casual meet ups. 


Yangabeauty Browlution

L.A Girl concealer in Fawn



BH Cosmetics -Modern Matte Palette

Inglot Brow gel 77


BlackOpal foundation – Truly Topaz + Black Walnut

L.A Girl concealer in Fawn

L.A Girl concealer in Dark Cocoa

Ben Nye Powder -Caramel

Cover Girl Bronzer- Ebony Bronze

Mac Cosmetics powder -NW45

Mac Cosmetics – Sweet Cocoa


BlackOpal lip pencil – French Roast

NYX soft Lip Cream – Abu Dhabi